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Anyone set on going to Brimfield in July? Knowing that friends like Kenyan Lewis and Hitoshi from Jantiques in Tokyo regularly attend for the duration of the week makes me think that it’s worth going again. Having Kenyan as a guide at Brimfield makes it a lot easier to put the whole thing into perspective. He has the whole place mapped out in his head and keen eyes for rare unique objects. One thing that is calling me back is that the camera guy is coming back for the July shows. This guy’s got everything. Rare lenses, bodies, filters, lighting kits, Polaroids, etc. Notable items in this set of photographs here are: the fox head-piece, the wooden ghost, the bust form, the full skeleton minus lower jaw, Kenyan in action, the flood light, the Arabic stop sign, and the R L calling out to the Ralph Lauren prop people, and that 8×10 camera which was only $225 although I was told that it did not have a home in my apartment. Anyway, I hope someone got it.

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