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And to follow the images from Part 1, we took a quick walk through the Arboretum, before heading back to the city to view the fireworks on the Hudson River. Pretty epic. The following day, I met up with some friends at Beach 98 in Far Rockaway for a day of nothing. Perfect.

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I want to get one of these “THINK SAFETY” banners for my studio. After this last week of shoots, my studio is a war zone. Keeping organized is important but I know it’s gonna get wrecked starting Monday.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009


Saltie is a new bakery / sandwich shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that recently opened at 378 Metropolitan near my studio. They offer a wide selection of baked goods daily along with a variety of sandwiches with nautical names. They also serve great coffee and desserts. I’ve been coming here for lunch pretty regularly for the past month. The ricotta loaf is especially amazing and the Captain’s Daughter, an anchovy and egg sandwich served on freshly baked focaccia bread, never disappoints. I recently sampled the ice cream sandwich, which comes with one’s choice of ice cream between two thin chocolate cookies. I would have to recommend the salt caramel ice cream. Go by and check out Saltie; it’s amazing. For more info, click HERE.

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On Sunday, I have to admit, I got marathon fever. This November 1, 2009 was the 40th running of the New York City Marathon. I was literally in pajamas as I watched these athletes getting closer and closer to my house on T.V. So I put on some clothes and grabbed my camera bag, and ran to the corner of Bedford and Grand St where volunteers hand out water cups to the runners. I got a coffee, and only waited a few minutes before the leaders in the mens’ race were coming toward me, including Meb Keflizighi, this year’s NYC marathon winner (photographed below). Their arrival was only forecasted by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg riding in a classic car (also, photographed below). I watched thousands of participats run and wheel up Bedford Avenue. Two things I want to know: how you run from Staten Island to Williamsburg in 54.42 minutes and is there a better alternative to green paper cups. I want to congratulate everyone who ran this year including my buddy Justin Tejada who finished the race; it was memorable to watch.

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Happy Halloween

Raise hell. Photos from tonight coming soon…..

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Last night, Yacht played live at the DFA CMJ Party at Brooklyn Bowl. They killed it. It was a black and white affair.

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Summer: Brooklyn

Here are some images from the Grizzly Bear show this weekend, in between shoots, and hanging in the park afterwards. These were all shot with Kodak 400NC and a camera I just got on ebay.

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New Studio

In hopes of moving forward and onward, the new studio is almost complete. It’s been a long month of packing and unpacking but I think it’s going to be over soon. Almost ready to get back to work.

!55 Hope St.

Polaroid copyright James Ryang 2009

Today I swept and mopped the floor of my apartment / studio for the last time. I’ve been moving out since the beginning of April and it’s finally come to an end. I lived at 36 South 4th St. for 6 years. Some good and some bad. I did a lot here. Shoots, parties, food, music, roof, balcony sessions, etc. When Kit and I took the last of the photo gear out of here, I started to realize that I needed to come back and shoot it for the last time. I haven’t lived in one space for this long since I was a kid, and it was weird leaving it. I never get to use the 10 sec. timer but here are the photos:

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Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a bizarre street. I’ve never lived here when there wasn’t something being torn down or built up, and I think it’s going to be like this for a long time.

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This is Keren’s apartment on Grand St in Williamsburg. We’ve worked on it for months. After a bunch of road trips to flea markets in the tri-state area, we’ve accumulated a bunch of antiques and vintage furniture. Here are some interiors of the place.

For more info on what is what, go to: Keren’s Blog

all images copyright James Ryang 2009

Nights Out

Keren, Louis, Asumpta, Paige, Karthik, Ari, and Nick

So this last week, Karthik and Paige came to New York to visit. We went out a lot, mostly around the neighborhood. On this particular evening, a gang met up at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg for our friend Austin’s show, Suckers. We bounced and strolled to the Levee. Whatevs.

This is the bonkers part. So we started running the pool table and generally harassing Louis about looking cartoonishly French (all that was really missing was the baguette and the bicycle). Ari and I chuckled in the corner for awhile. Then, he misses a shot, Karthik’s efforts are all for naught, and along comes Keren with whaaaaat???!!!…..a beret.

Bananas. So we took a photo. End of story.

Jesse, Noah, Sean, Mari, Eileen, Sammy, Asumpta, Keren, Danica, Louis, David, Mike, Emily, and a few more got in my 15-passenger van to celebrate Dave’s birthday in Bushwick and Williamsburg. We went to an amazing little pizza place called Roberta’s, opened by my friend Chris. Later, we piled in for a sit down and chat at Daddy’s. Thanks for making this photo happen guys. xo James