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Check out this Zinka-inspired eyewear shoot we did for Gargyle this summer.

Photography: James Ryang
Stylist: Marina Munoz
Hair & Makeup: Emi Kaneko

You can also check out the sunglasses and the behind the scenes at Gargyle’s website

All images copyright James Ryang 2011

Bridle Hill Farm is about 3 hours upstate in Jeffersonville, NY. I went up there with Derek and Eva for a shoot awhile back but I never really looked at the photos from that roadtrip until today. The farm was equipped with a riding stable both indoors and out, a few barns, and a perfect white house on a hill. I just saw the film Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas and started thinking about the pastoral landscape as a subject again. These are some images of the property and the farm.

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Friday night, I headed out to meet friends at Prospect Park to see Black Dice and Animal Collective. The bands played a benefit concert for Celebrate Brooklyn. It was a great show. Below, there is a clip from “Daily Routine” performed live by Animal Collective.

All images and video copyright James Ryang 2009


This Saturday we had a going-away BBQ for our friend Evan Rock. The 206 Meserole gang hosted in their backyard with plenty of great food, music, and banter. The highlight of the evening was definitely the introduction of “guacamole challah sliders.” (patent pending) We did get sidetracked by rain but only for a brief moment. Finally, the sky broke and revealed a double rainbow. Woah. Lots of peeps came through; great to see everyone as usual. The party was a success for reals. By the end, everyone was tuckered out. And two men, who held each other ever so gently while dancing, reuntied for a snuggle. And Evan biked home after hugging us before his departure. We’re gonna miss you, Ev. Have fun.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

Fort Tilden

Fort Tilden is like McCarren on sand, but it’s gorgeous. While New Yorkers played Reggaeton with the intention of blowing their speakers, D. Moore rounded us up in Ari’s car and took us (Louis, Assumpta, Eileen, and I) out to the beach. Pitch-N-Putt has always been why I liked heading to the Rockaways but a musical fake BBQ where crazy girls get naked is a good reason too I guess. Dudes, that seafood place; I want to go to there.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

I managed to pull a series of flower images together from this summer in New York.

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