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Friday night, I headed out to meet friends at Prospect Park to see Black Dice and Animal Collective. The bands played a benefit concert for Celebrate Brooklyn. It was a great show. Below, there is a clip from “Daily Routine” performed live by Animal Collective.

All images and video copyright James Ryang 2009

Saturday, I met up with Evan Rock for some music in the park.
Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice, and Battles were all playing so I figured, sure.
While I’m not one to go to see shows at Central Park Summerstage, it seemed worth it.
My interest in Black Dice started, seeing them perform at Fort Thunder in Providence.
I found out about Battles years ago when the Battles EP-C record was given to me
by a friend because he knew I’d like the cover. He said it reminded
him of a polaroid I took in Mexico near La Fonda in 2000.

Here are the two:


Anyway, B+T is the jam. And here are some photos from the show:

Madison Ave. Gold star for uptown