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Jake came upstate with me. This is a picture of him in the front yard with his Mamiya.

Image James Ryang 2011


This is something I wanted to do for awhile. Martha is amazing. The whole thing is bonkers. I’d never been in or seen a studio audience before, except for that time when I was shooting on a sound stage by the Family Feud in L.A. The set, the kitchen, the smells, the cheering women. We stuck out like sore thumbs. I’m even like, “what??!!! did that really happen?” It did. She gave us plant food and a gift certificate. Palazzo and I were the only guys there, except for this guy who stood up when asked where you were from and he yelled out, “Montreal.” I’d never seen so many Chimera softboxes in my whole life. Creamy lighting. That’s all I can say. Woah.

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Thanksgiving 2009

Joel hosted Thanksgiving this year at his loft in Williamsburg. The meal was epic, and the desserts put me down.

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Restless People led off the night with their second show of the day for the True Panther showcase at Piano’s. Restless People killed it, followed by equally amazing sets by Janka Nabay, Glasser, Delorean, and Lemonade, respectively. I’m not really a fan of live performance photographs but if anything, it’s a good exercise. Josh Haner, a staff photographer for the New York Times, was also there at the show, and he does it much better. Check out his CMJ portfolios on the New York Times website. His photo of Delorean is below. Lastly, I’d like to thank Dean for curating one of the best shows of the week.


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ADC Young Guns 7

Last night, the Art Directors Club hosted an opening party for the ADC Young Guns 7 Exhibition. My girlfriend Keren Richter was honored with this prestigious award along with 66 other artists, and I am proud. It was like watching the “design” Oscars. Also, to accompany the exhibition, ADC in a collaboration with Moleskine released a Young Guns 7 book. (images below) Shouts to Tim and Ami for coming out to the event and hanging with us at the Ace Hotel for the after-party. It was a rad evening.

To see Keren’s ADC Young Guns submission, click HERE
And the entirety of her work, can be viewed HERE

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These are a selection of installation photographs that I shot for Josh Gurrie as the show was being installed in Openhouse Gallery last friday. I’d like to congratulate him on curating a beautiful show benefitting Movember and Prostate Cancer Research. Lots of people came out, showed their support, and bid on some phenomenal art. I even had some time to do a quick portrait of Josh before heading back to my studio.

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Polaroid is Back !

Hope St. Brooklyn, NY 10.14.09 (SX-70 with Polaroid 600, magenta gel)

Cause for celebration. My day was seriously made yesterday when the news broke.
Polaroid is coming back.

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Image copyright James Ryang 2009

Bridle Hill Farm is about 3 hours upstate in Jeffersonville, NY. I went up there with Derek and Eva for a shoot awhile back but I never really looked at the photos from that roadtrip until today. The farm was equipped with a riding stable both indoors and out, a few barns, and a perfect white house on a hill. I just saw the film Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas and started thinking about the pastoral landscape as a subject again. These are some images of the property and the farm.

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Blackies – Interiors

These are interior photographs of Grace and Kenyan’s home. There are also images of Kenyan’s workshop, the second level of a barn adjacent to the house. The house is filled with antiques and unique objects. It may be the most photogenic home I had ever been to.

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Grace and Kenyan have opened up their home and property as a location for rentals, stays, and photo shoots. It is only 1.5 hours north of New York City. These are exterior shots of the property and land. Contact them via their websites above if interested. Interior photos will be posted shortly.

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Tanlines performed this last Saturday at The Yard on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. It was a fun show and BBQ. Lots of kids came out.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

Having a friend in town got me out of the studio and into the city to explore it and revisit it. Ryan stayed with me for a week and we covered a lot of New York ground. Here are some of the photos from the museums we visited.

All rights reserved to the artists whose work is pictured in these images.
All images copyright James Ryang 2009

Brighton Beach

Louis, Assumpta, Mari, and Sam and I took the train to Brighton Beach today, starting summer early. We walked the boardwalk, ate fried foods, and strolled all the way to Keyspan Park in Coney Island. Here are the photos.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

BKLYN Botanical

This weekend Keren and I got up early and took a drive to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The Japanese cherry blossoms are in full bloom and worth checking out if you have the time.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009


Once again, Evan Rock has been gracious enough to host a seder for all of us.
It was amazing. The food was fantastic. Fun times.
Evan’s gonna be in Israel next year.
We’re going to video conference him in for Passover 2010.
We’ll miss you Ev.

Here are the photos:

And here’s a sing-a-long:

All images copyright James Ryang 2009


Yesterday, our friend Randa, who works at the United Nations, invited a group of us to visit the Delegates Lounge and take a tour of the U.N. after hours. It’s an interior of a building I’ve always wanted to shoot. Thanks to Jesse and Louis for stepping in and Randa for the incredible afternoon.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

Some New

These are tests from New Milford, CT and here in Brooklyn
with the recent acquisition of the Canon G10. It’s nice and fast.
I got so much to share but posting ain’t easy. More soon. Yes, soon. Promise.