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The next day, it rained on and off but we had more time to relax and not rush through anything. All I really wanted to see was the MNAF, Museo Nazionzle Alinari della Fotografia, a relatively newer museum in Florence, and eat at this place called Mario’s that I had read so much about. The Carlo Mollino exhibition was really well done but the highlight of the photo museum was the vintage camera collection and the plates on view. Afterwards, we headed north to San Lorenzo to Mario’s, waited for an hour, but it may have been one of the best meals of my life, Florentine steak and linguine ragu. Bonkers. I pushed myself physically, but it was worth it. We headed on, checked out the Salvatore Ferragamo exhibit, and the open markets. My lens kept fogging up but made for some cool effects. Just strolled around. Earlier that day, I was reading about a blind accordion player shot by Walker Evans, and his complete unawareness to the fact he was being photographed regardless of whether Evans had the camera hidden beneath his suit or not, due to his physical condition. I’m still thinking about this in my pictures.

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