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Joshua Tree National Park has always been one of my favorite places in the world to make photographs. It’s only a three hour drive from where I grew up and the light is always amazing there. In college, most of my final year work was made there. The landscape is like another planet. Driving south through the park from the 29 Palms Entrance is my usual way on starting, but this time we drove in at the Northwest entrance, zig-zagging southeast through the terrain.

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While Keren and I visited the desert, we had the pleasure of staying two nights at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs. It’s about an hour away from Joshua Tree and half an hours distance from the Coachella Valley Preserve. I don’t really have to sell anyone on how nice it is to stay there; I think the images kind of speak for themselves. I would definitely recommend it and especially the hotel diner, The King’s Highway. Such a good burger and amazing breakfast and coffee among other things. Stumptown is served. I wanted to eat all my meals there. Also, in the evening, the pool is open late and they screen films and have live music. During our stay, they played Zabriskie Point by Antonioni, perfect selection seeing where we were headed; and a few bands driving to SXSW stopped by on their way to Texas.

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These are images from last week’s road trip in and around Palm Springs and Yucca Valley, California through the desert. Notable spots along the route here are the Coachella Valley Preserve, the Integratron, CA-247, and the 29 Palms Highway. I didn’t think a Chevy Cobalt rental would hold up to my constant pulling over but it did. After I get back from Seoul and Tokyo, I’ll post some more selects.

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Next Roadtrip

Itineraries are never followed on these, but I’m really wanting to set a course eastward and northbound.