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Getting out of Venice was like a reality TV challenge. All public transportation was cancelled. There was an annual rowing race going on that morning which everyone in Venice failed to mention. Keren and I ended up having to run with our luggage about 5 miles from San Marco to the train station. We obviously missed our train but no deal. Upon arriving in Florence, the rain was dying down and it was starting to get nice out. We walked around the Duomo, looked at sunglasses, inappropriate aprons, sculptures in the piazza, and note: the creepy white cupid man-child scaring the life out of that little girl. After, we headed to the Uffizi and spent a few hours strolling through. Afterwards, we had a panini at ‘Ino, the “Marlow & Sons” on Florence, I guess, basically local and awesome. But dinner was out of control. Holy bananas. This place Trattoria Marione’s was the jam. And of course, ice cream after; no will power.

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