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Pier 40

This place is amazing, and soccer in the cold rain is starting to grow on me. Located on the West Side Highway and W. Houston St, Pier 40, an outdoor, multi-sport artificial-turf field, extends out onto the H. Hudson River to house the equivalent of 3-4 soccer fields. Pier 40 is home to approximately 2,200 long-term parking spaces, kayaks, and Hudson River Park offices. Around the entire perimeter of Pier 40 is a public esplanade. There are also indoor and outdoor athletic fields with uses that range from soccer and football to rugby and baseball. Surely, this is my next photo shoot location. After a late-night game like last night with soaked uniforms and injuries to nurse, all you want to do is look at books, open the day’s mail, play with puzzles, read, and dry-off.

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Irving Penn

Another master of modern photography Irving Penn will be greatly missed. These are two portraits that I continue to revisit. Click HERE to see a selection of his amazing images.

Yves Saint Laurent

Richard Avedon

Photographs by Irving Penn

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Blackies – Interiors

These are interior photographs of Grace and Kenyan’s home. There are also images of Kenyan’s workshop, the second level of a barn adjacent to the house. The house is filled with antiques and unique objects. It may be the most photogenic home I had ever been to.

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117 Encino Ave.

These are interiors of my parents’ house in Camarillo. The light inside gets wild around sunset. I’d never really photographed this house until recently. I moved around the rooms with my camera wherever the light moved finding old things of mine (Hello Kitty piƱata) and my brother’s (ALF) along the way. I never really lived in this house as a kid. I went to boarding school when I was 14 so I only spent time here when I was on school breaks and summers. Nine Stories remains to be one of my favorite books.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

Imari and Bean

Towards the end of my trip, my friend Imari McDermott let me house sit her place in Silver Lake and cat sit Bean. I used to hang out with Bean at Fast Ashley’s in Brooklyn years ago, but I never really knew him or his mysterious behavior. Bean may be the most mellow cat I’ve ever met. He LOVES a cool spot and enjoys lying down as much as possible. He really enjoys gazing out the front screen door. The only times I saw him move swiftly were when he would run away from his own litter box after peeing. Oh, Bean. I miss you and your hilarious ways. Seeing that Imari’s house was so photogenic, I decided to shoot it and her stuff while she was away. Thank you Imari for the couch and until next time Bean.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

Today I swept and mopped the floor of my apartment / studio for the last time. I’ve been moving out since the beginning of April and it’s finally come to an end. I lived at 36 South 4th St. for 6 years. Some good and some bad. I did a lot here. Shoots, parties, food, music, roof, balcony sessions, etc. When Kit and I took the last of the photo gear out of here, I started to realize that I needed to come back and shoot it for the last time. I haven’t lived in one space for this long since I was a kid, and it was weird leaving it. I never get to use the 10 sec. timer but here are the photos:

All images copyright James Ryang 2009