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Leaving Korea

Leaving Korea was hard. There’s a lot more to do there. But the prospect of heading to Osaka sounded pretty good also. These are images from my last few hours in Korea from Jeju Island to Busan to the airport bound for Japan. Things to note in the following image series: abandoned fairground, man on the bike, fishing with a sars guard, Korean gamers, clementines, people in transit, and island light.

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Seoul: Part 2

FOOD. Koreans love food. We love eating food. We also anthropomorphize food. It’s in the grocery stores, the streets, the mall food courts on plates and in plastic, and even the arcades. It is everywhere, and it is good. Best finds: Meta Hurricane Ice Cream Cones, Stuffed Sushis, and the Stuffed Pickled Daikon Radish. I wanted to win that so bad. Also, coffee. Let’s talk about it. Freeze-dried coffee is the norm. If you want fresh ground bean coffee, you have to shell out clams. I only had Taster’s Choice for almost two weeks straight.

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Masan Fish Market

I should preface this post by writing that this entry is not for those with weak stomachs. It gets real. Masan is a port city on the southern side on South Korea. It’s famous for seafood. The Masan Fish Market is a daily affair, and it is the REAL DEAL. I’ve been to a few in my day and this one just felt the most raw. And there’s more than fish…..way more. Curiosities I still can’t fathom or interpret. Totally wild.

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Jeju: Part 3

The next day, we took the long journey back across the island. With the assistance and hospitality of the local caretakers, we successfully located the tomb site.

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Thanksgiving 2009

Joel hosted Thanksgiving this year at his loft in Williamsburg. The meal was epic, and the desserts put me down.

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This is some stuff I used to make dinner and breakfast during the last two days.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

An Choi

A few weeks ago, my friends Tuan Bui, Huy Bui, and Dennis Ngo opened An Choi, a Vietnamese eatery in the Lower East Side. I came by during a hectic lunch hour to shoot some portraits of the guys, the banh mi, and the space. Visit An Choi at 85 Orchard Street between Broome and Grand, New York.

All images copyright James Ryang 2008

I had these finished but I had to go away for work this week. Nashville photos are coming soon. These are from California and are now two weeks overdue. Enjoy.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

These are things you say on New Year’s day:

Japanese: akemashite o-medetō-gozaimasu ((新年)あけましておめでとうございます)

Korean: saehae bok manhi badeuseyo (새해 복 많이 받으세요)

More about New Year ceremonies click here or here

This is the table setting and the foods that are prepared and offered to the dead.
A series of bows follows: