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Brimfield: Part 4

These are the last group of images from Brimfield. did a feature on the Brimfield Antiques Market using some of these images. For the full article, click HERE. Or you can view an image gallery of my photographs from Brimfield on the Wallpaper website by clicking below.

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Brimfield: Part 3

More from Brimfield……

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Brimfield: Part 1

The Brimfield Antique and Flea Market Shows take place three times a year up in Brimfield, Massachusetts. For one week, the entire town gets overtaken. Vendors and buyers alike travel from around the country and the globe to buy, sell, bargain, and trade for a week straight. It’s as if Ebay exploded and landed in one town. A buyer can find objects from the rarest of items to the mundane. These are images from Saturday of this past weekend, the last show for the 2009 season. The 2010 show dates are May 11 – 16, July 13 – 18, and Sept 7 – 12, 2010.

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