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Jake came upstate with me. This is a picture of him in the front yard with his Mamiya.

Image James Ryang 2011

As soon as I got to their house, the first things I noticed were the changes between floors and all the new pieces acquired since my last visit. The “inspiration room” really felt like walking into an exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technology or a curiosities shop from a hundred years ago but as cozy as a home could ever be. The fencing mask with the top hat is still my all time favorite combination of pieces. So weird. These are the photos that the New York TImes missed.

Images James Ryang 2011

My friends Grace and Kenyan were gracious enough to let me come up and shoot a lookbook in and around their house this past weekend. This is their second home upstate and it was really cool to see how they decorated and put together this new home. I ended up sleeping in what is called “the inspiration room” and now I’m already eager to drive back up there. Whenever I go visit them, I end up shooting all the objects, interiors, and the surrounding landscape. Kenyan’s acquired a bunch of new pieces I’d never seen and has a new studio in a three level barn down the road. Big thanks to Jake Jones for lending a hand on the shoot. Amazing weekend away.

Images James Ryang 2011