Greece: Crete = Crazy

Crete is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. The drivers are terrible. The people are nuts. No offense to Cretians or anyone else. But this place was crazy. After the scariest evening drive of my life the night before, the woman running the hotel informed me that driving on the shoulder of the highway is normal and that the “lanes” are used for passing and that 180km is normal. WHAT!!?? She was old too and told me she drove that way. Anyway, she also instructed me to get up early as hell, watch the “famous” sunrise, and check out some things. We drove around Agia Pelagia, a town 25km west of Heraklion, the “crazy” capital. We started seeing structures similar to birdhouses on the side of the road, and later found out they are shrines to victims of the road left by their families. EEEEE. But, Chania was great, enclosed within ancient armory walls. I ended up shooting a lot of images of other images and just playing around with the light. Some cultural anecdotes: The fish was good. The beach towels were really trashy but awesome i.e. Hello Kitty shredding into the shark’s mouth. Oh, and paddle ball is like an extreme sport there; dudes take it super-seriously.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

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  1. Margaux Froley’s avatar

    Jimmy, the photos look amazing. You are totally capturing the zanny-ness that is Greece. Island sunsets to “trendy” chips….brilliant.
    Keep up the good work!


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