Seogwipo is a city on the southern coast of Jeju Island. It is a bizarre place. The majority of visitors go there for the duty-free shopping and natural wonderment. There is a chocolate museum called Chocolate Land, adorned with Asian Santas and Greek sculpture. There are also naturally-occurring waterfalls, volcanic valleys, and an arched bridge which is completely bananas. There is also a music museum with a floating faucet head in front. Seogwipo is also the site of one of the 2002 World Cup stadiums which is used for film screenings and national soccer matches. This place is nuts.

All Images copyright James Ryang 2010

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  1. emily’s avatar

    I’ve been really enjoying looking through all the photos you’ve posted from your trip, James. Thanks for sharing.

  2. david’s avatar

    unbelievably beautiful, bravo.

  3. david’s avatar

    unbelievably beautiful, bravo!


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