This is something I wanted to do for awhile. Martha is amazing. The whole thing is bonkers. I’d never been in or seen a studio audience before, except for that time when I was shooting on a sound stage by the Family Feud in L.A. The set, the kitchen, the smells, the cheering women. We stuck out like sore thumbs. I’m even like, “what??!!! did that really happen?” It did. She gave us plant food and a gift certificate. Palazzo and I were the only guys there, except for this guy who stood up when asked where you were from and he yelled out, “Montreal.” I’d never seen so many Chimera softboxes in my whole life. Creamy lighting. That’s all I can say. Woah.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009
Re-photographed imagery of Martha Stewart material courtesy Martha Stewart Omni Media

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