Goodbye Horses: Bridle Hill Farm

Bridle Hill Farm is about 3 hours upstate in Jeffersonville, NY. I went up there with Derek and Eva for a shoot awhile back but I never really looked at the photos from that roadtrip until today. The farm was equipped with a riding stable both indoors and out, a few barns, and a perfect white house on a hill. I just saw the film Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas and started thinking about the pastoral landscape as a subject again. These are some images of the property and the farm.

All images copyright James Ryang 2009

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  1. semple’s avatar

    Nice essay James. Semple

  2. bykenyan’s avatar

    Again u Did it!

    You need to go shoot my neighbor I’m sending her this link….here’s hers

  3. Victoria Lesser’s avatar

    You did a great job. Please check check out The Old North Branch Inn, 3 miles from Bridle Hill Farm, great place for a shoot.


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