Here is a video from the Braun Campaign I shot at Milk Studios, here in New York. I shot 15 portraits in New York and Los Angeles. Thanks to all the guys who participated and my awesome crew.

BRAUN BUILT TO PERFORM from Largetail on Vimeo.


Recently I shot Blanca from Ford Models, more images to come.

Awhile back, I did a shoot for Brooklyn band TEEN. Jane, Katherine, Teeny, Lizzie. Really fun to work with. They are currently featured on the URBAN OUTFITTERS site. Check them out. You can also listen to them at their WEBSITE.

Images copyright James Ryang 2012


Iceland, 2010

Here are some photos from the opening of a new concept store downtown BOFFO designed by Nicola Formichetti & Gage/Clemenceau Architects. I shot these for MIlk Made last week. The mirrored space is Nicola’s representation of a “digital” cave; it is a collision of visions from both the punk era and the future. You can read more about the store HERE.

All images James Ryang 2011

This week I’ve been doing small editorials for Milk Made working with All Day Everyday and a Leica M9. Everything I’ve gone to so far has involved music in some shape or form. Here are some of my favorite images from the week thus far. The first night features Hole and Courtney Love at the Hiro Ballroom. The second night features Our Mountain, whose members include model Abbey Lee Kershaw. Theophilus London also stopped by the Milk Basement. The third night was held at the Mondrian Soho with a performance by Neon Indian. Some of the images have already made it onto Milk Made.

To view any of those entries, click on the links below:

All images copyright James Ryang 2011


Here are some new photographs from last weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Super weird down there. Most of these photos are from one roll of film shot around
Juno Beach and the Holiday Inn Express where I stayed. Just photographing color.
All images taken with the Olympus Stylus Epic and Kodak 160NC.

All images copyright James Ryang 2011

Read entire story here:

Read the entire story here: T – NYTIMES

Check out this Zinka-inspired eyewear shoot we did for Gargyle this summer.

Photography: James Ryang
Stylist: Marina Munoz
Hair & Makeup: Emi Kaneko

You can also check out the sunglasses and the behind the scenes at Gargyle’s website

All images copyright James Ryang 2011


So on Thursday night, me and some friends are in a group show called Japan Rising at MILK Gallery. It’s a silent auction.
Proceeds go to Japan Society toward Tsunami relief. it will be a nice opportunity to bid on some good art for a good cause.

RSVP here:

Jake came upstate with me. This is a picture of him in the front yard with his Mamiya.

Image James Ryang 2011

As soon as I got to their house, the first things I noticed were the changes between floors and all the new pieces acquired since my last visit. The “inspiration room” really felt like walking into an exhibit at the Museum of Jurassic Technology or a curiosities shop from a hundred years ago but as cozy as a home could ever be. The fencing mask with the top hat is still my all time favorite combination of pieces. So weird. These are the photos that the New York TImes missed.

Images James Ryang 2011

My friends Grace and Kenyan were gracious enough to let me come up and shoot a lookbook in and around their house this past weekend. This is their second home upstate and it was really cool to see how they decorated and put together this new home. I ended up sleeping in what is called “the inspiration room” and now I’m already eager to drive back up there. Whenever I go visit them, I end up shooting all the objects, interiors, and the surrounding landscape. Kenyan’s acquired a bunch of new pieces I’d never seen and has a new studio in a three level barn down the road. Big thanks to Jake Jones for lending a hand on the shoot. Amazing weekend away.

Images James Ryang 2011


Here are some photos of Daphine from last week.

Hair and Makeup: Patricia Iglesias
Photos: James Ryang

Here are some photos of three guys I shot two weeks ago.

Hair and Makeup: Jordan Long
Photos: James Ryang

New Work

It’s been some time since I posted any work here. Coming soon.

Here are some more photos from around Reykjavik. After shooting all day, I just wanted to see the parts of the city that weren’t “downtown,” so I just headed to the suburbs on the Southwest part of town trying to find the public pools. The reason being is that I’d heard that they have amazing hot tubs calibrated to different temperatures depending on your preference. All of this was true. Places of interest are: the cemetery, the town square, the public school, the public pool, the fishing shack, and the handball court. The day after I took a long roadtrip away from Reykjavik. Roadtrip photos coming soon.

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Reykjavik is kind of like a neighborhood in Brooklyn. You could walk the perimeter of downtown in a few hours. Laugavegur is the main strip where most of the shops, restaurants, and cafes are situated. By complete coincidence, I ended up arriving the night before Icelandic Independence Day or Þjóðhátíðardagurinn where the streets were jammed, and families were out to see the live music and take part in the street carnivals. Notable things here are the antique car show, the street fashion, the cat food, the birds, and the light. The light in Iceland is unlike anywhere I’d ever been.

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Upon arriving in Reykjavik, I didn’t really know what to expect other than what a few friends had told me from their previous visits. The plane landed at 12 midnight and the sun was still out, just above the horizon. After getting through customs, I boarded an airport shuttle bus to downtown Reykjavik. The bus driver was blasting Icelandic Black Metal. It was 2am. After checking into the hotel, the sun was fully out and there was no way I was gonna fall asleep so I took a walk and tried to get my bearings. Imagine, daylight for almost 24 hours…….everyday of the summer.

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